I just figured out something today. The old apartment complex manager was fired recently for embezzling, right? Well, yesterday the new apartment manager (who goes by the nom de guerre "Bunny") dropped off a friendly little packet of papers, one from a single stack of papers that she carried and left at every single door.

One. They're shutting the water off on Thursday morning. No reason given, but I happen to know the city water inspectors are making the rounds. Two. They're doing bug inspections -- and they want everything out of all cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom. Kay. Whatever. Three. They want a copy of my door key, because they don't have one.

What the fuck?

Are all the door keys missing? Did the old apartment manager take off with them? If so, you better be replacing the locks, you dipshits. No? You're not replacing the locks?

Christ. The owners of the apartment complex are supposedly not pursuing legal action against the old apartment manager. I'm starting to think that it's because they're more afraid of exposing themselves in court than they are of getting sued.

Out of here.