Fingers crossed, pointed shoes not dropping...

Joe and his roomie have come to the point of irreconcilable differences. (Having decided that the differences are irreconcileable, Joe's started on the admirable work of getting over it. Most impressive.) The roomie is moving out.

Unless some other shoe drops and crushes the house (in a strange reversal of the Wizard of Oz), we're going to move in with Joe September first.

I'm sorry that things didn't work out between Joe and the roomie. I didn't like her from first sight, and my opinion of her dropped like a spaceship into a black hole, with no chance of a wormhole. She's a feminist* and ecologically concerned.** She's pregnant. She chainsmokes and throws the butts into the lawn.

But she might have changed. Especially around someone so different from her as Joe is. Aiii, but I doubt it.

Joe was so blissed out to make a friend of her.

*as if female sexist pig, rather than goddess-woman of strength.
**shops for groceries at natural foods stores, doesn't cook, eats fast food most of the time.