The Tower.

Today was a good day, but a hard one.

It started out with not making the first cut on the ABNA award, which is never an easy way to start the day, being impersonally notified of your not-brilliance.

But then it did a quick segue into being accused of something I didn't do, but would have done if I had been around to do so - getting caught in the middle of someone working herself up to quit, in my supe's words. It was unexpected. I felt like a stranger instead of an ally.

And I ground my way dully through the day until I got someone else's project dumped in my lap, to be finished COB. Work doesn't always magically end after eight hours, does it?

And then I went to Write Brain, on improv writing, and listened to other people be brilliant when I was only good.

My tarot card of the day is The Tower.
  • Chaos ----- Sudden change ----- Impact ----- Hard times
  • Crisis ----- Revelation ----- Disruption ----- Realizing the truth
  • Disillusion ----- Crash ----- Burst ----- Uncomfortable experience
  • Downfall ----- Ruin ----- Ego blow ----- Explosive transformation
Tomorrow, The Star.