Curtain time!

I used to have dreams about showing up at high school naked, but they never really bothered me. Pfft. Those idiots were nothing compared to junior high. Or fifth grade, for that matter.

The dreams that would bother me were the ones where I would show up somewhere and someone would say, "You're late! You're supposed to be on stage right now! Don't you know your lines?"

Of course I wouldn't. And I'd stand in front of the crowd (naked or not) and be unable to move.

As I got older, I would think, "I'll make something up." But I never did.

I quit having the dreams eventually--during the last few, I'd just walk away from the stage--but I've always wanted to have a better solution, one where I'd sound all polished and stuff, even though I was just making up my lines. Right at that moment. Because I am just that suave.

But get me in front of a group of people, and my wit dries up like superglue between the teeth.

Pikes Peak Writers is holding their March Write Brain on the 17th, on Improv Writing. Yeah, I'm going. Yeah, I'm going to put my foot in my mouth. Yeah, I'm gutsy like that.