Musical interlude.

Turning Away, by Dougie MacLean (with Kathy Mattea). Lee has this on one of his folk music samplers, so I know the song pretty well.

There's a secret code word for country music that doesn't grate on the ears like a Microplane: bluegrass. There's another secret code word: blues*. And a third one: folk. (But the ultimate, secret, super-duper code word is Johnny Cash.) Please don't think I believe these people to be bad musicians. It's that "country" music has been taken over by people who like to make money--not people who like to make music, and "earnest" (cheesy) "smug" (jerky) and "eighties pop-synth production + electric guitar" = money. Check out how the more interesting pop-country artist pick up off their roots. And how alt-country sounds a lot like...uh...country used to.

*I heard on NPR the other day that The White Stripes had gone to a blues festival. No doubt.

Oooh...I finally found a link to the version of "Goodbye to You" from Buffy.