Chocolate Review: Godiva vs. Choxie

So I had my first bar of Godiva chocolate the other day. (I think I've had a couple of truffles before, but that's not the same thing -- you taste the filling more than you do the chocolate.) Out of all the different bars of chocolate I've eaten, you'd think I would have run across one earlier. As it turns out, department stores and chain bookstores sell Godiva...but World Market and good grocery stores don't, in general.

Um...it was okay. Rich, but a little waxy-tasting, rather than buttery-tasting. Definitely not "creamy" as was claimed on the shiny gold packaging. No snap when broken. At first I thought I didn't care for it all that much because it's so hyped. But if so, why don't more places carry it? I mean, more places where you might be able to compare it to something really good, like Schaffen Barger?

Choxie: Single Origin Chocolate Thin, 49% Venezuela Cacao
You know where you get Choxie? Target. Their thins were on sale last night, so I picked up a bunch. This was about the same intensity as the Godiva, the same level of richness, but blessed with a friendly buttery texture that made me want to wander around licking the smudges off my hands (so I did). Nothing subtle for taste, just an easy crowd pleaser: this is what Godiva was shooting for, and ended up with "well, it's better than Hershey's" instead.

So when you're in the mood for Godiva, get this instead. It's better, cheaper, and easier to find. Neither one is the grand heights of chocolate essence, but the Choxie accomplishes what it sets out to do, while the Godiva makes you feel like the packaging is the best part of your purchase.