Chocolate Review: Dagoba

I have now tried two Dagoba flavors:

Xocolatl and Lavender Blueberry.

The xocolatl, full of chilis and other spices, was almost more than I could take. Intense, bold chocolate that viciously managed to hold up against the powerful chilis. I could eat maybe two bites before I had to call off until next time...but I finished the whole bar, nose running and eyes tearing up at times. Other chili-flavored chocolates I've tried haven't been too terribly remarkable, which is pretty remarkable in and of itself.

The lavender blueberry smells like an attack of bath salts, with fresh lavender that climbs up your nose and creeps around in your nose hairs, which sounds disgusting, but anybody who likes pungent smells like horseradish will tell you that's exactly where the smell should go. The chocolate is less bold and more creamy, complementing rather than duelling it out with the lavender. The blueberry crops up as a small surprise now and then, and you realize that part of what you've been tasting all along is the blueberries, a smooth kind of taste-bridge between the chocolate and the lavender.

The reason I haven't tasted the "plain" chocolate flavors yet is that I picked up the other two kinds and immediately had my nose vote for me. As good as these two were, I'm sure I'll work my way around to the regular kind eventually.