I got a present for you...!

On occaision, especially before asking for reciprocation, Ray will bring me gifts.

"Momma, I got a present for yooo-ooooou!"

"What is it?" I'll ask.

And she'll give me something, like a doll or a truck or a DVD. Today it started out with a picture of a head. No eyes or anything, just a head with a red spot in the middle.

"It's beautiful! Is it a head?"

"And a brain." She points to the center of her head. "For thinking."

"That's wonderful! Thank you!"

Then she brings me a glass with the dregs of her milk. I thank her and tell her she can keep it.

"Momma! I got a present for you!"

"What is it?"


And then she gives me an enormous hug.

What a wonderful girl.