Raynews. Cute bebe news is always apprectiated, right?

She's sleeping through the night. In her own bed.

Ahhhhhhh. I'm catching up on 10 1/2 months of sleep loss. Uninterrupted sleep. Wow.

She's getting steaily more steady. She can walk on her own and hold your finger for a little support, and she can walk all the way down the hall and into the kitchen on her own.

She's starting to crave solid food more often. She will eat anything. I fed her about an ounce, ounce and half of Kung Pao chicken meat a few days ago. Her poop has become indescribably no longer bebe poop. Considering the smell, I'm a little sentimental about the old bebe poop.

I got her first pair of shoes. She's not too thrilled yet, but when she gets steady enough with them to tear around outside...she'll come around. Size 4.