Dream, 08/29/02.

Lee and I are looking at a place where we can build our dream home, but the it turns out the place wasn't what we wanted. It was more like an upper-middle class religious compound than a place for a home, no matter how much we liked our potential neighbors.

All of a sudden, we heard word there'd been an accident on the highway. My brother was in it. He'd been driving a semi -- or he was just there -- and the semi had hit a car. The two people in the car were fine somehow. The car was upside down in a ditch. My brother had been crushed by the trailer of the semi. His body looked untouched -- I lifted the trailer off him -- but it had frozen solid and shrunk to the size of my hand. He was dressed in red tights. Turned out that he'd been some kind of superhero. The people around us started lauging. "Crushed by a semi trailer. Some superhero." I held his body in my hands, convinced that if he thawed out he'd be all right. No so. He was dead.

It wasn't until I awoke that I realized I'd lifted the trailer off his body with my own hands.