Sewer Goddess

After Venus (who started out as Goddess of the Sewers, a vital function in a town where cholera should be taken as a matter of course) got promoted, her intern, Caelia, got the job. Jove signed the contract himself (in blood), and suddenly, she was part of The Family.

Things went smoothly for a long time. The whole Christian thing came and went pretty quickly, with a hostile takeover by the cosmic lawyers, SaulCo, who turned a nice little indy religion into a vanilla franchise. Some of the other gods and goddesses got pushed around. Some survived by remarketing themselves; others just faded away into their own "Greatest Hits" bins at the discount record stores in the sky.

Caelia (who had changed her name to Sally) and Psyche used to hang out and have drinks together until that whole Freud thing blew Psyche's ego out of proportion. It had been fun, coming up with joint horrors to come crawling out of the pipes, but without Psyche, it felt like Sally wasn't coming up with anything better than mutated pets and lab rats, although that was fun in its own kind of way...