House Update

We went shopping at Lowe's this morning. For some reason, this was a far more nerve-wracking experience than it should have been. Waaaaaiiiiiit! I don't want to buy that, I haven't been able to comparison shop! How will I know it's the best deal? How will I know there isn't one I'd like better at Home Depot or whatever? Waaah!

I mean, come on. For example, a lawnmower. How hard can it be, when you walk into the place knowing you only have to mow the front (the back has too much gravel all over the place at this point, and needs weed-whacked, which was a whole separate issue), and you know you want a gas mower rather than electric? Should you really find yourself holding back a wail of frustration?

So, after walking into the store with potentially a thousand dollars' worth of purchases on the list, we left with a push broom, two garbage cans, and a bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap.