As expected and probably best enjoyed all around, Ray made out with the majority of the swag.

Some details:

The Giant Tickle Me Elmo monster of doom has had the honor of sharing primo stuffed toy award with the Cat in the Hat; however, Elmo wins the tiebreaker of having his eyeballs thoroughly licked. What Cat in the Hat can claim that?

While the Powerpuff Girls are a favorite of child and parents alike, it was the CareBears Movie that was selected for first viewing pleasure. Jackie, I'd just like to say that you can go #$*& yourself the next time you have a bright idea like that again.

Everyone at his job thinks we're obsessed about sex because of the Christmas gift I got him. I mean us :) Anyway, none of them have the gumption to tease me about it to my face, so all is well.

Once again, my parents managed to find a present for Lee that was perfect: coffee and a new-age Native American CD that he thinks is "okay." One of the things I'm proud to have inherited from my parents--a good sense of gifts.

Speaking of, the gift that I sent them was the Far Side collection. To buff my nails and understate, they liked it. --Oh! Mailing it, the woman at the counter asked me what it was, because it was so heavy (22 lbs.). I told her it was the Far Side collection, a book. She said, "Ah've heard of coffee table books, but ah've never heard of a fire side book." I laughed, because I thought she was making some kind of joke about how big the book was. Then I realized... "The cartoons..." I made a frame with my hands. "You know, the little ones, The Faaaaaaaaaar Side, with the bugs with glasses and stuff."

She laughed and said she hadn't meant to make a joke...but that she was from Texas, so that was joke enough.