Vocabulary Word of the Day

From Merriam Webster Online Newsletter, September 2006:

After debuting at number one in June, Nelly Furtado's single "Promiscuous Girl" stayed hot all summer, and its popularity helped the word promiscuous earn the top spot as the most looked-up word at Merriam-Webster Online this summer.

Oddly enough, the lyrics to "Promiscuous Girl" correspond only loosely with the established senses of that adjective: the singer comes across as flirtatious and teasing, but not as . . . well, promiscuous. As a guide to the perplexed, we offer this profile of promiscuous.

And this cracks me up:
Main Entry: mouse potato Pronunciation Guide
Function: noun
Etymology: after couch potato
Date: 1993
slang : a person who spends a great deal of time using a computer