The Grandiloquent Dictionary.

Some vocabulary words are interesting. Some are amusing. Some would make good villain names on City Of Villains when it comes out.

deiparous -
Giving birth to a god or a goddess

deisidaimonia -
The fear of supernatural powers

dentiloquent -
Pertaining to someone who talks through their teeth

deoppilate -
To remove an obstruction

deuterogamist -
A widow who chooses to remarry

dextrosinistral -
A left handed person who is trained to use their right hand

dharna -
A method of collecting a debt in which the person who is owed money sits on the debtors doorstep until payment is made, or the debtor starves to death

dippoldism -
The act of beating or whipping school children

divigate -
To stray, as in the opposite of navigate

doytin -
To walk about stupidly

dysnomy -
The creation of flawed laws which cause more problems

I especially like "divigate." My method of driving through a new town is fortuitous divigation, that is, I get to the right place but I'm often not sure how.