I saw the screening on Thursday in Denver. Doyce got ten tickets and included Lee and myself on his guest list.

Again, thank you.

No spoilers will follow. I'm going to assume you've seen the series.

With a cool eye, this is the best thing Joss Whedon has written. Don't worry about being disappointed with the movie. It isn't going to go down in history as one of the Star Trek sequels--something you remember as being good to great, but see later with this sickening feeling of loss.

The beginning doesn't really bother to be an introduction so much as a disorientation. It's clever and effective--you understand the basics of what's going on without the Dune introduction scene. I remember something my mother said when we watched the movie for the first time: "I don't think I like movies that need an introduction."

After watching the filmed introduction that Joss Whedon made at the beginning of the screening, I have decided that I'd do him in a heartbeat. Lee says he'll forgive me for saying that.

"Melancholy Elephants," though.