The coffee shop was frikken deserted on Sunday night. Deserted. Lots of other places for these to bobos to sit than six feet away from me.

Girl: About twenty two, works at a pet store, long brown hair.
Boy: Just turned thirty, still going to school, looks and sounds like a younger, taller version of Wallace Shawn.

Girl: I watched the Spielberg biography last night.

Boy: Me too! You know, I haven't been able to watch ET since I saw it the first time.

Girl: When was that?

Boy: I was about seven or eight.

Girl: I know what you mean. That movie was so scary! You just felt trapped.

Boy: I had nightmares for years.

Girl: I've never been able to watch some of his movies. I've seen scenes from some of them, and I just can't do it.

Boy: Like Schindler's List.

Girl: What's that other one called? Amistad?

Boy: Me either.

Girl: That Spielberg, he makes some powerful films.