Creativity. I've been packing in too many things lately.

Funny, how that stifles creativity. So the better part of this week, I've been crossing things off the to-do list with glee. Haven't written, just brainstorming plot for the next big section that's coming up--and doing most of that subconsciously.

It's been a week of vivid action dreams, the kind that last a couple of hours in between the slaps to the snooze alarm. And last night I had more fun gaming than I've had in about a month--a font of ideas and witty sayings.


Creativity: taking what you've learned and turning it into something else. This takes more time than you'd think, more empty time. --I've gone the other way, too, losing creativity because of too much empty time, but I hadn't realized there was this balance. The best creativity isn't for yourself, or isn't solely for yourself, but shared. You can do anything creatively--like zen with sparkle, mindfully done.

You know, I think I got tired of logical sentences somewhere in the middle of this post :)