Quick notes early on a Friday morning.

1. Joe has been moved. He's now living in an awesome house on the northernish side of actual Colorado Springs (near Academy and Union, actually). The yard is of such a type that when engineer-trained Joe says he's going to make a waterfall in the backyard, I believe him.

2. Ray can aaaallllmost stand on her own. She'll balance for maybe a second or two, and thump! Down on her butt. Lee said yesterday (yesterday, she was in a bad mood. This is strange, ok? Our kid? In a bad mood? My guess is that she has more teeth coming in, but I'm keeping an eye on her anyway. I gave her a cool bath and cuddled much with her yesterday, but as soon as I put her down she was fussy again. Hm. She has a baby-appointment next week for shots) that she was so mad that she actually stood on her own for about five seconds. As a "tower of rage."

3. We got a digital camera. Ray understands that bright flashy things are going to shine in her eyes whenever she sees it, so all the pictures we have of her are either asleep or sqinting. Hooray!

4. Much writing and brainstorming has been being done lately -- thus little blogging. The rewrite on "Mrs. Kurtz" (now officially titled "On Hold") is done, and Lee-approved. Score! I didn't think he'd like it, but, neener neener, he does. The book review I'm doing for Banshee Studios (new issue coming out...uh...August first? My deadline is sooner) is done, but I'm taking another look at it tonight to supplement my spell-checker. And, while doing research on time-travel for the ongoing project "The Best of All Possible Beauregards," I hit on another story idea. Of course this one has something to do with time...but not with time travel. All I have is some philosophical bones to the story and a few wisps of plot, but the main character most likely will be a neophyte in a world populated by humans, demons (but this will have a slightly different meaning), and the "saved" (I'm thinking here that it's possible to be technically "saved" without being a nice person. At all). As it turns out, Christian philosophers of a certain type have theorized that there are not only four dimensions (3D + time), but five (3D + time + eternity). What if when Lucifer fell, he lost a dimension, eternity, i.e., the ability to be outside of time? Hmmm...

Off to work. More later.