Ian Healy, a writer buddy I met at PPWC, opens the floor for questions. I started to type out a lame question, then suddenly realized the best favor you can do for a writer is ask a question that requires a creative answer. Here's what I asked:
  • In case of zombie attack, and barring "the home of a loved one," where's the first place you would go and why?

  • What the weirdest job you've ever had?

  • What's your Tarot signifier, and what superhero do you associate with that (picked up that GN by Louise Simonson from the book store).

  • Why did Wash have to die?

  • What is your muse's weapon of choice? What DND class is (s)he? If that's too limiting, describe what RPG your muse would belong to, and character type.
So -- pick one of the above and start typing. If we've already had the Why Did Wash Have To Die (WDWHTD -- I so want a plastic bracelet with those letters now) talk, pick something else, okay?